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A Tradition of Fine, Handmade Ceramics

     The Wolfe Studio produces slip cast ceramic birds, nativity figures, and a few other animals, as well as occasional decorative plaques, jars, and mosaics.   The molds for slip casting are made from original master sculptures created primarily by Elizabeth (Bebe) Wolfe.  Many of the forms evolved from the small ceramic sculptures Bebe’s parents, Karl and Mildred Wolfe, began making in the 1950s.  Bebe joined them in their ceramic work at an early age and now runs the studio her parents started over 60 years ago. 
     She is joined by several artists who offer their invaluable talents, creativity, support, and friendship:  Linda Bartling and Wendy Eddleman who worked in the studio with Mildred; and more recently, Katey Carter, the studio manager, Ruth Bell, Kira Cummings, Paul Fayard,  Sarah Grafton, Michele Husbands, Ariss King, Ed Lowther Laura Stoufer, and Sarah Stricklin.

     The studio makes very few production items – things that are glazed and decorated the same way each time.  Each bird is unique and individually hand glazed and the coloration varies slightly from bird to bird.  Some variation from the images shown is to be expected in the ceramics ordered on line. 

     We use commercial low fire glazes in many combinations with constant experimentation.  Sgraffito, wax resist and underglaze designs and decorations are also used.  We use fired overglaze metallic gold as well as unfired gold leaf on the nativity pieces and some of the larger birds.  Gold metal leaf is applied with traditional techniques and sealed with varnish.

     The faces and hands of the larger nativity figures are hand carved individually and are painted with oil paint which soaks into the porous clay. Unglazed bases of the birds are also stained with oil paint.

     The studio has always made a practice of encouraging experimentation and creativity from all its artisans.  Therefore decoration and glaze combinations vary considerably while the forms, being cast from the original, are replicated.  This sort of ongoing exploration is in accord with Karl's and Mildred’s original intent and working methods, and insures a continuation of lively high quality work and joy in the making.


Further Information about The Wolfe Studio

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